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October 2, 2008

Book Club Field Trip Part 2

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Ah, the field trip!

What could be better than a trip to talk about books?

We had a lovely time last night.  We drove 40 miles north to a large indy bookstore for what was billed as a ‘book club seminar.’  I’m not sure that’s really what it was, but it was enjoyable.  Mostly for the company, but also admittedly, for the book swag. I was able to get three new books– Louis Bayard’s The Black Tower, Tony Early’s The Blue Star, and Sarah Hall’s Daughters of the North. More on those later.

We heard a speaker from our local chapter of the national endowment for the humanities plug a gigantic local book festival that’s coming up in 2 weeks and then Susan Gregg Gilmore, the author of Looking for Salvation at Dairy Queen spoke quite articulately about her writing process and journey through the publishing process.  She’s a local product (I have not read her book) but I was quite impressed with her demeanor and candidness about writing and editing.  She didn’t seem overly rehearsed or like she was doing ‘canned’ remarks so I was pleased to be introduced to her.  I’m not sure I’ll read the book, but I’m definitely more likely to now than I was before.

After these two women spoke the convener of the meeting pushed a few books at us that had been successful for her in book clubs.  Much to our dismay, several were titles she promoted last year so we didn’t come away with too many new ideas.  That part was incredibly disappointing and I have to say, given all that I read on the internet, I could’ve done a much better job presenting book club resources and new titles.  If only I had my own bookstore….

We wandered around the store after the event and shared title’s that looked interesting to us.  We ended the evening at a local Cheesecake Factory with a late night dinner and drinks.  I love the women in my book club and we laughed and talked for a few more hours about books, our lives, and our families.  I only wish these field trips could happen more often instead of us stealing away for dinner once a month!


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