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February 25, 2009

My Brilliant Suggestion for Publishers

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I’m totally involved in my own world of ‘what if I were a publisher’ today.   I’ve been dying for a  Kindle for ages and now with the advent of the Kindle 2 my lust is resurfacing.  BUT, in this day and in this economy that is not much of a reality for this reader.  So…instead, I’m trying to read a book on my ipod Touch instead.  My brother swears by this method and uses ereader.com to purchase most of his books.  He loves the convenience and swears there’s no reason to go Kindle.  His suggestion has spurred me on to try it.  I’m reading a free download of Little Women right now and actually really enjoying both the book and the process.

This all leads me to my BIG idea for today.  Why don’t publishers make ARC’s into time limited files for MP3/ipod/Kindle formats and then send the files out into the world for review.  Surely it would save them money in the long run?  I can’t be the only person thinking this.  But why isn’t it happening?  Not enough early adopters?  They think it means no one will buy actual books?  I don’t think so.

I’m actually likening the process to that of moving from CDs to mp3 files.  Most of us are still buying plenty of music but in different forms.  It’s more convenient and doesn’t take up space on my shelf.  I still ‘own’ the file and can keep it and that doesn’t freak me out not to have the actual jewel case CD.  I think this might be the right thing for  my reading habits.  I used to want a giant library of books but realized I was accumulating them without re-reading them.  I move often due to my husband’s work so I was moving them and resenting it.  I still ADORE the physical process of holding a book in my hand, but I happily share books with others and donate them to libraries.

So that’s my suggestion.  ARC’s in downloadable format for reviewers.  I’m so wanting this.  I think it would encourage reading even more than any Oprah review. 🙂


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