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August 20, 2011

What Twilight Should Have Been…At Least for Grownups

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If you haven’t already read (and I’m betting you haven’t due to it’s too steep cover price– more on that later) A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness then hie thee over to a library or used bookstore and find yourself a copy.  It’s about an intelligent (read Academic) adult female witch and her journey of self discovery.  Yale professor Diana Bishop resists her powerful and highly regarded magical lineage to pursue a career as  an academic.  When the book opens Professor Bishop is working in Oxford’s Bodliean Library studying the history of Alchemy.  To her surprise she encounters a dashing and slightly scary Vampire , Professor Matthew Clairmont, after her discovery of an extremely old manuscript that everyone in the magical world seems to want– Mathew included.  The only problem is that Diana doesn’t understand the ramifications of her discovery nor does she have any interest in other-worldly rivalries.

While Diana is an intelligent and accessible character, Matthew is one of the sexiest male characters I’ve ever read.  He makes the whole “Team Edward” thing a joke–especially for readers over the age of 14!  He’s gorgeous, witty, brilliant, and can’t keep away from Diana (even and especially since Witches are forbidden fruit to vampires).

Truly this book is Twilight but better for adults (it’s the first in a series, to boot!).  The characters are in their 30’s (unless you count vampire years) and it’s not all sparkles and repressed sexuality.  The dialogue is intelligent and even witty.  There is intrigue, history, wine, travel, adventure, family issues, and plenty of romance.  The European settings are to die for.   I can’t say enough good things about this intelligent page turner.  I await book two!!

An addendum….

Dr. Harkness has written a fantastic book and deserves all praise and royalties, but I think her publisher is doing her book a grave disservice by pricing the Kindle version at $14.99.   In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I won’t buy an e-book over $9.99 on principle so I got my hands on this book via the public library (God Bless them!).  I think I was the first in my community to get it and I had to speed read through it to finish in time (no renewal).  No problem!  I am recommending it to everyone I meet.  I could sell hundreds more if it were just cheaper.  The paperback may help drop the price a bit (it comes out in December), but I fear they will only drop the e-book to $12.99 ten.  This book could totally be on the best seller list if it was just a bit cheaper!  Please, publishers, don’t be so stupid!  The book’s been translated in several languages already….perhaps it will be NEXT summer’s big book! Sigh.


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